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about us
Below, take our shop "tour" from front to back!

Containing both new cookbooks, and gently used donated cookbooks, our library touches on many topics.  The new cookbooks feature titles on cheesemaking, cheese appreciation and culinary.  The gently used donations cover a wide assortment of topics.  The gently-used collection are all sold for $5 each and 100% of proceeds are passed directly to a food closet.

Olive Oil Station

Bulk fustis contain local olive oil for you to sample with local bread.  The other local olive oils and vinegars can be sampled from the cheese counter. There are many award-winning examples for you to try!

Craft Beers and Sparkling Wines

The craft beer wall is restocked with seasonal selections featuring excellence in craft brewing locally, domestically, and internationally.  The sparkling wine selection includes two methode champenoise labels produced locally.  International selections are available in splits and full bottles.  We do not carry still wines as our shop is surrounded with wine tasting rooms within walking distance. We
always have at least one alcoholic gluten-free beverage (and non-alcoholic choices as well).

Cheese Counter

Cheese sampling is fun!  Let us treat you to a few tastes of cheeses you may not have heard of before.  Our cheesemongers help direct your sampling experience, and provide great information about each cheese. Since we carry approximately 80 different cheeses at any given time, your taste buds will never be bored!

Delectable Pantry

Our delectable pantry items, both 
sweet and savory, are chosen to 
accompany our cheese.
Local nuts, quince and figs,
honeys and jams (some spicy!), 
crackers, chocolates and dessert 
items are featured. A nice selection 
of gluten-free products are always
are available in any dollar amount 
for use on any product, class or 
service available at CHEESE CENTRAL. 


No need to invest in, or store, specialized cheese equipment. Traditional raclette grills, fondue pots for each type of fondue, and specialty crock pots for ease in party service are available to rent by day. All are inexpensive and vary by equipment type.

Grand Central Kitchen

The Grand Central Kitchen is more 
fun than your home dining room! 
Enjoy meeting new people while 
learning and eating in our culinary 
classes.  Our events can be a fun 
date night, a couples get-together, 
or a gift to share.  Private parties for 
all occasions are available.  Free demonstrations and special events 
take place throughout the year.

Featured Fromage Family:


Make the acquaintance of the Alpine family.  Who's members include Gruyere, Hornbaucher, Lionza, Holey Cow, Raclette, and more.  This family of cheeses share characteristics of superb meltiness, rich nutty or fruity flavors, elastic paste and "eyes."  All are interchangeable in recipes for Autumn and Winter -- think Fondue, potato dishes, French Onion Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches.  How will you explore these cheeses?    

Featured Accompaniment:

Bruno's Pepper Co.

Not only do we carry the pickled green beans and asparagus (Bloody Mary anyone?), but we carry the cocktail pepper.  These are the smaller version of the popular product carried in our local grocery stores.
Featured Brew:

Hemly Pear Cider

This 100% fresh pressed, aged on oak and unfiltered cider is fabulous!  Coming to us from Courtland, CA, this refreshing and authentic cider pairs well with an Autumn day and cheeseboard, don't you think?