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Excerpt from review:

"...This little shop in downtown Lodi is simply ADORABLE! We were exploring the area when we came across Cheese Central and decided we simply had to check it out. They've got cheese... and lots of it. Also plenty of fancy crackers, jams, and meats to go along. The ladies who work there are super nice and helpful, and happy to let you try anything! The class also holds classes for about $55 each on various things like how to make gnocchi from scratch or how to prepare some fresh mozzarella... fun, no?? Why oh why don't I live anywhere near Lodi!..."
-Yelp reviewer (8/2011)

"...My favourite part; they are QUICK with the samples. They are more than happy to let you sample anything in the store, along with giving you information on the origins of the cheese..."
-Yelp reviewer (6/2015)

"I think I died and went to Cheese Heaven. This store is any Cheese lovers dream..." 
-Yelp reviewer (2/2015)

"They had other items as well such as non-alcoholic wines (yeah, didn't know that existed), pizza and foccacia dough, cookbooks, crackers, and so much more. They even offer classes on cheesemaking and other cool stuff on certain days..."
-Yelp reviewer (7/2013)
(doughs no longer available)

Thank you San Francisco Chronicle for the honorable mention and the #1 slot in the Exploration of Downtown Lodi.  Take a peek at the 8 locations listed!