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"Great cooking classes at this place! This was the Lemon cooking class. We made a lemon cocktail, appetizers, entree and dessert using Meyer and Eureka lemons. I'm a good cook and even learned some new "tricks" at this class!! Highly recommend."
-Yelp Review (5/26/23) 

"Cheese Central always has the best customer service. I have been coming here for 3 years to purchase a variety of cheeses each time or to try out new jams! The knowledge they have here on their products is amazing! The inside is very cozy and also feels as if you were at a fruit stand getting fresh products each time. If you love cheese, crackers, jams, this is a must stop shop."
-Yelp Review (3/2/23)

"Such an awesome little cheese shop. They have many different options - they also provide cooking classes here! The ladies are very knowledgeable of there products and they answer any questions you have regarding the cheeses! We were just walking down the farmers market and they reeled us in, will definitely be coming back! Thank you :)"
-Yelp Review (6/1/23)

"Cheese Central is my absolute favorite place in Lodi!! It is literally cheese heaven. Cindy & her staff are so wonderful, knowledgeable and hospitable. There is something here for everyone, and the staff are very pleased to guide you through a delectable cheese journey. I have also participated in some of the cooking classes with Cindy and she is just remarkable! I am always amazed and delighted at how much I learn from her Truly an incredible experience every time!! :)"
-Yelp reviewer (9/9/23)

Thank you San Francisco Chronicle for the honorable mention and the #1 slot in the Exploration of Downtown Lodi.  Take a peek at the 8 locations listed!